The Perkins County site started in 2003 when I got an email from Jim McGahan that he would be at a restaurant in Claremont CA on 05-12-2003 so he could walk on Route 66.  It had been over 40 year since I last saw him so I drove to Claremont!

He gave me a CD that had a few Yearbooks from Elsie he had scanned for the 62 class reunion, and I decided to put them on my server.  We decided to try to find all of Elsie's year books to put on the site, and I scanned and put the Elsie centennial book on. Then he sent me a CD with Grainton's pictures and year books, and Glen Houtz sent me a CD with a book he did about Madrid in PDF format which I put on. (Allot of people do not have Adobe on their computer, so I converted it to JPG).   Then Lee Taylor put a message in my comment section that she had some Grant year books so I went back to another restaurant in Claremont (sounds like I spend allot of time in restaurants in Claremont) to meet her and get her year books. Jim started getting more Grant year books, and Glen sent the Wheatland and Venango book he made. and this site slowly grew.  I am not sure Jim would have told me he was coming to CA. if he had known how much work he was getting into!  He has spent untold hours scanning.

The Madrid Book is much cleaner then the pictures on my site. When I converted them some detail was lost, and the Wheatland book is better then the pictures on my site.  When you scan and size books for the internet the pictures are never as good as the originals. Glen still has some Madrid and Wheatland books.


We have all the books from Elsie, and Grainton, and will eventually have all the Grant year books. would like to get them from Madrid and Venango too.


Jim put this in a paper about the site he handed out at the reunion in 2007.

I will probably miss someone, but here are hopefully all but probably most of the folks who have assisted with photos, yearbooks, names, advice, etc. Thanks to all of you for your assistance…couldn’t do it without you.

In no special order: Tom & Anita (Softley) Hutcheson, William C. “Willy” & Sherry Hutcheson , Sid Colson, Jim Martin, Carol Murray, Calvin Dahlke, Warren McClinock, Isabelle (Maupin) Kinney, Howard “Shorty” Harms, Bill Wilson, Aunt Hazel (McGahan) Hiatt & my Hiatt cousins, Ron Hastings, Virginia (Wilbur) Hastings, Karen Hastings, & Tom Hastings, Bill McGahan, Jr., Kyle McQueen, Chalmer Guildner, Janet Lagler, Larry Seger, Don Harbeson, Barney McGahan, Edith (Lungrin) Chevalier, Mildred (Nelson) McGahan, Glen Houtz, Wayne “Fuzz” Maupin, Connie Lungrin, Terry Bruner, Susan (Osler) Hanson, Emil Hanson, Dale Hanson, Terry Prante, Phyllis (Lee) Bredesen, Clarence Maupin, Gaylene (Olson) Snell, Arlene (Nutt) Pace, The Honorable Adrian Smith.