Chapter 4


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Elsie’s first school house was built where the Douglas Johnson home now stands, or “catty-corner” across the street from the southwest corner of the present school yard in the year 1888. This building was about 24 feet by 40 feet, one room, one teacher, and double seats, sometimes holding three pupils. Every Friday afternoon, the children would ‘choose-up’ and have a Spell Down.

With homesteaders and their large families arriving, this building was not large enough to hold all the pupils; so school was moved into the Opera House with its long, flat, tin roof. When it rained or the wind blew, there was such a noise that the teacher could hardly be heard. School was held here while the new, two-story building was being built. About once a week, all the seats were dumped out­side for the dance on Saturday night. On Monday, the pupils had difficulty in finding his or her own seat, books, and slates.

In 1892, school was moved into the new building. Two teachers were hired, using the lower floor. The second story was rented to the Lodge. Later, the top floor was divided into two rooms with a third teacher hired to teach grades nine and ten.

This article is taken from “The Elsie Leader’ 1898.

Last Saturday was the last day of the term of the Elsie school. And just as Prof. Sherman was closing the last exercise before noon he was somewhat surprised when the Elsie Band, just outside the door burst forth suddenly with one of their beautiful strans of music. The Prof. soon came to the door and when he could be heard; kindly thanked the

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