This page will take some time to complete as I have to separate each picture from the page it is on in the yearbook, creating a JPG file for each person using their name for the JPG file.  Then Link from their first name to The JPG from two pages (one for the town class pictures and one for their individual picture).  Then link from their last name to their first name, then link from the alpha character to their last name.  Anyway all of that takes time. Have several  schools done and parts of all.

  If you want to look up Tom Dooley Click on D which will give all people whose last name starts with D, click on Dooley and you will get the first name of every one whose last name  is Dooley, Click on the first name Tom, and you will see a picture of him (Although I Have not ran across any one with the last name of Dooley so you may not find him.)  If you click on E at the bottom you will find Elsie.  Click on it and you will see the years that school had a graduating class click on the year and you will see a picture of every one who graduated that year.  Same for G for Grant and Grainton, M for Madrid, V for Venango, and W for Wheatland.

If you have better pictures of your class, and can scan the pages and email them to me at I will replace what I have with the better pictures.